Stumpy Gaze - Do You Have The Tresa Inside?

Dream wedding

The wedding dream...

I dream of one day get married right by the sea. To have a beach themed wedding, with seashells, boat ropes and white linnen on the tables. Candle holders with sand in it and lots of candles. And the whole family going on a boat charter along stockholm the day before the wedding. I hope to get married in the summer. (Because it would be very cold right by the sea in the fall or winter). I really love summer, I love to be in the sun, going to the beach with a really good book. As you might have noticed I am a real soppy romantic. I love to watch all those cheesy romance movies both drama and comedy. And I really love to read soppy romantic books, that is pretty much exclusively what I read. I really love adventure books and movies too. You know when a girl and a boy with very different personalities are flung together to succeed at something together. In the beginning they hate each other but by the end of the book (or movie) they are madly in love. That's my favourite kind of book or movie. Not that I want that kind of start in my future relationship. I  would rather meet someone and just feel a connection from the start. But we' ll see when I get my big sea side weddling in stockholm. Take the boat to a beautiful beach and get married and have a big fancy party by the sunset and just laugh and have run until the sun comes up again. Have a big wonderful wedding just like in the movies and the books a read. Of course that's very difficult to live up to, but I really hope my dream comes true on day.